AI powered Data Curation & Publishing Virtual Assistant


AIDAVA («AI-powered DAta curation & publishing Virtual Assistant») is a new EU research project to automate the curation and publication of personal health data through artificial intelligence.


All available personal health data of an individual in one consistent semantic model: through its sophisticated research project, the interdisciplinary AIDAVA consortium of 12 European partners and two associated partners will develop a digital solution, orchestrating diverse artificial intelligence technologies, for more efficient curation and publishing of personal health data, delivering interoperable and reusable personal health records for the benefit of patients and clinical researchers.

Integrated, high-quality personal health data (PHD) represents a potential wealth of knowledge for health care systems, but there is no reliable conduit for this data to become interoperable, AI-ready and reuse-ready at scale across institutions, at national and EU level. AIDAVA will fill this gap by prototyping and testing an AI powered, virtual assistant maximising automation of data curation & publishing of computable knowledge derived from unstructured and structured, heterogeneous data.

MIDATA as a health data intermediary is happy to be part of this forward-thinking project, developing basic tools and solving fundamental issues related to data quality, data integration, trustworthiness of automation, multilingualism and reusability of already collected data.

Participating organisations

ECPC is the Largest European cancer patients' umbrella organisation: +450 member organizations across all EU countries and beyond. ECPC speaks with one voice for all cancer patients, for those affected by high incidence cancers and those with the rarest ones. It has been recognised by the European Institutions as a reliable representative of the cancer patients’ community.
The European Heart Network plays a leading role in preventing and reducing cardiovascular disease, particularly heart disease and stroke, through advocacy, networking, capacity building, patient advocacy and research, so that these diseases are no longer a major cause of premature death and disability across Europe.
Averbis offers its international customers from the health care and life science industries scalable text mining and machine learning solutions for the analysis of unstructured data for process optimisation, research and automation of cognitive tasks.
The mission of WDX (World Data Exchange) is to help every citizen make better use of their personal data, enabling a world where citizens control and benefit from their data with privacy and security by design.
The North Estonia Medical Centre is one of the country's leading healthcare providers. As a regional hospital, it has the highest competence in specialised medical care.
Med Uni Graz strives to maintain, restore and strengthen the health and well-being of its patients on the basis of scientific expertise and research. All core tasks of Med Uni Graz follow this guiding principle.
Egnosis is the IT brand powered by the Gnome Design Ltd. that delivers unique industrial software solutions by a close-knit team, contributing as a reliable partner in EU funded Horizon Research Programs in the domain of bioinformatics and healthcare.
The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD) is a European, non-profit organisation that promotes the optimal use of health data through a range of complementary activities.
Sirma AI, trading as Ontotext, helps enterprises to identify meaning across diverse datasets and massive amounts of unstructured information, and, thus, to upgrade data into knowledge. They enjoy a unique position providing state-of-the-art semantic technology in two distinct but complementary areas – graph database engines and text analytics.
KU Leuven is dedicated to teaching and research in almost all fields. With a university-wide strategic plan, KU Leuven gives a clear objective and direction to its further development as an ambitious, internationally oriented and research-intensive university.
EURICE (European Research and Project Office GmbH) is a research-oriented consultancy providing knowledge-intensive business services - mainly in the areas of access to finance, collaborative innovation management, communication and training.
Maastricht University is the most international university in the Netherlands and stands out for its innovative educational model, its international character and its multidisciplinary approach to research and teaching.
b!loba is a consulting company providing strategic advice, one of its focuses being in Data Interoperability and Personal Health Data Sharing.