«Corona Science»

Citizen-reported data for the Open Data community

«Corona Science»

MIDATA Cooperative and BFH Medical Informatics, with the support of partners, launched an app within a short period of time. The app allows citizens to continuously record their state of health and symptoms of COVID-19 disease. At the same time, the app provides links to information and support services.


The aim of our project is to provide as quickly as possible a collection of anonymized/aggregated health and symptom data in a semantic standard defined in coordination with eHealth Suisse as Open Data. We want to activate people to form a community that collects these data and at the same time gains access to information offers.

We address a broad a community – the app is intended for healthy and sick people.

With the anonymous data made available to the public, we want to make it possible to better understand the course of the pandemic. At present, people stay at home whenever possible and are asked to only contact doctors or emergency rooms when necessary. As a result, many people have not been tested for COVID-19 and the actual number of people who have fallen ill is unknown. Our app helps to obtain better data in this situation. It will also provide a basis for monitoring the situation when the measures can be relaxed again.

The app is free and Open Source. The data semantics are published as an Open Standard. The anonymized data will be Open Data. You can access the data you recorded in the Corona Science App by logging into the MIDATA portal.


Would you like to join in? Download the «Corona Science» app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.



To the website: coronascience.ch


Project Management BFH

Serge Bignens
Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH
Institute for Medical lnformatics I4MI

Project Management MIDATA

Dominik Steiger and Stefano Napolitano
MIDATA Cooperative

App Development

François von Kaenel and Olivier Descloux
Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH
Institute for Medical lnformatics I4MI

Communication and Media

Die Schwedin

Publisher of the app and data repository


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Sponsors and partners


Co-development FHIR Implementation Guide, COVID-19 PROM Dataset


In coordination with COVID-19 Tracking Switzerland


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