«Cognitive World Atlas»

Track your cognitive abilities over time

Advancience – a University of Basel spin-off – develops game-based tools to measure psychological variables: how well we can concentrate, how well our memory functions and how fast are we able to process and react. These variables are measured by short basic cognitive parameters known to be indicators of mental wellbeing from years of research.


Advancience has created the «Cognitive World Atlas» platform that hosts psychological tools in the form of entertaining computer games. Advancience toolkit is set up to be an important resource for both psychological research as well as for diagnostics of mental disorders, since these cognitive skills are typically impaired in individuals suffering from psychiatric or neurological conditions. It is of enormous importance to be able to supplement subjective assessments in diagnostics with objective parameters – both for the early detection and treatment of diseases and for the development of drugs.

The advancience approach aims at improving diagnostics in mental health by making use of new technology to provide a scalable solution.
Fun & Info
You can play games and learn about psychology and about yourself.
Health & Well-being
We provide you with tools to monitor your mental fitness. For free.

You can use this to figure out how stress, emotions or keeping a healthy sleeping pattern affect your mental agility and skills.

You can learn at what time of the day you’re typically most attentive and concentrated.

You can activate your brain and stay sharp by exercising.
Become a Philanthropist
You can contribute to the development of better tools for diagnosing mental health problems – whether you are a patient or completely healthy.

Your contribution is the fuel that drives our innovative concept!

Help us helping others!
A copy of all collected data is uploaded to the participants’ personal data account on the MIDATA platform. This ensures that every participant has access to his/her personal data and that he/she can decide about further use. While you as a test user can train and measure your cognitive skills, you also make a very important contribution to the further development of the test instruments. In this way, you make a decisive contribution to improving the diagnosis and therapy of diseases of the central nervous system.



Conception and Study Management, Advancience

Dr Christian Vogler
Founder, CEO, Chairperson BoD

Dr Leo Gschwind
Founder, CDO, BoD Member

Data stewardship, MIDATA

Stefano Napolitano

Alexander Kreutz

Project partners

The MIDATA data platform enables members of the public to compile their health records in a secure personal account free of charge and to determine if and how they are used in research projects. In this way, they can act as «citizen scientists», making an active contribution to medical research.
MIDATA serves as a data repository for its members and other participating members of the public. It is a non-profit cooperative facility that operates without offering financial incentives, similarly to blood donation services, for instance. The account holders are not paid for their intentional and voluntary «data donation». The revenue generated from the integration of their data into a scientific study is reinvested in the services offered on the platform and in a variety of smaller research projects. Start-ups, IT service providers and research groups can use the platform to offer mobile apps, such as health apps or apps for treating and monitoring patients with chronic illnesses. MIDATA is currently being used in a number of scientific health projects. In one particular project being conducted at University Hospital Zurich, for example, multiple sclerosis patients are being included in a study into the effect of treatments, which uses a tablet app to test their cognitive and motor skills. A further project, currently in development at ETH Zurich, will look at different training methods and the impact they have on muscle growth. More and more projects are being run that are directed at a wide section of the population and are of value to many – as is the case with the «Ally Science» project.


Advancience supplies healthcare with the psychometric toolkit of the 21st century.
We translate psychological concepts in software solutions that allow quantifying mental skills and behaviour at an unprecedented resolution. We combine psychology, neuroscience, and informatics by making use of game-based assessment and advanced statistical analysis procedures.